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could only be cured by a bone-marrow t▓ransplant and that regular treatment - blood transfusions, for example - would just prolong her life.I

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n May 2009, Liu's daughter, then 8 years old, receiv▓ed a transplant at Nanfang Hospital in Guangzhou, Guangdong province, after a matc

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hed donor was found at T▓aiwan's Tzu Chi Bone Marrow Bank in 2008.Liu posted stories about her daughter's recovery and how to tak▓e care of recuperating patients on Tencent's QQ, a microblogging platform, under the name "Angel of thalassemia".Her efforts gav

e encouragement to many parents who were afraid to send their children for ▓transplant surgery because of the risk of failure.Liu knew of more than 300 c

hildren▓ in Hunan suffering from thalassemia, with many of their parents unaware of how to manage such patie▓nts or perform follow-up care.She o

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rganized t▓he first meeting for parents of children with thalassemi▓a at H

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  • great empathy for parents whose 
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unan Children's Hospital in March 2011, as well as forming a group to improve communic▓

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